A Hidden Gem In Madhya Pradesh Tourism

Orchha is indeed a hidden treasure! This small town is on the bank of a river Betwa and is covered with lush green forest. Orchha town is a point of attraction of Madhya Pradesh tourism. Get to know about the culture, tradition, temples, tourist places, architecture and the wildlife. Discover, explore and experience this beautiful gem.

Founded By

Orchha State was founded in 1501 AD by the Bundela chief, Rudra Pratap Singh, who became its first king. He ruled the kingdom between 1501-1531, it was during which time that he built the fort.

Legacy Of Bundela

Rudra Pratap Singh was succeeded by his son, Bharatichand, who died without leaving an heir in 1554 and was in turn succeeded by his younger brother, Madhukar Shah.

Architecture Glory

During the period of Jahangir, Orchha reaches its height, the palaces built during this time are a reminder of its architectural glory, including the Jahangir Mahal and Sawan Bhadon Mahal.

Discovering The Hidden Town

Orchha literally means “the hidden” is actually hidden from the world and undermined from tourism point of view. People are unaware of the places that can be visited in this small Orchha town. Given the area and the location, there is so much one can discover. You will get to see marvellous temples, magnificent fort and the wildlife in lush green dense forest.


Cenotaphs Of Orchha

There are fourteen ‘Chatris’ or memorials to the rulers of Orchha. There are the 17th and 18th centuries beautiful cenotaphs. Although the cenotaphs are built in the memory of a Bundela ruler but you will see the glimpse of Mughal architecture. Each Chhatri can be distiguished from each other because of the design. The structures are triple-storied. Four chambers make up a dome shaped covering surrounded by small cenotaphs resting on columns.

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Architectural Marvel

The Orchha’s Fort complex has most fascinating architecture and an elegant surroundings . The grand Orchha Complex is the centre of attraction of not only of Orchha but also of Madhya Pradesh tourism. It is divided into three mesmeric sections: Jahangir Mahal, Raj Mahal and Sheesh Mahal. It is a blend of Rajput and Mughal architecture. You will get to see exquisite murals of lord Vishnu in the complex.